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The Alliance Trading Company is currently recruiting all levels, all races and all classes; simply catch an officer online or use the Guild Browser tool to place in a request! An in-character meeting is required, however.

"For glory, the Light and the exploration of the known and unknown world!"

The Alliance Trading Company works as an Alliance-based company (as the name suggests) in order to provide people with the best quality service, materials and products. We sail the deepest seas and climb the highest mountains to create connections with our brethren stationed around the world. As we make our voyages out into the world, we fight alongside our friends and family to secure our trading routes and material from the savage Horde!

We welcome all of our allies and associates to sign up to the site to enjoy discussions within the guild and to offer feedback on our forums.



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Company Updates

IsrayelMakarov, Jul 5, 11 9:41 AM.
Current Company Standings:

Employee base
: 46
Regular base: 8 -12 (avg.)

Male to female ratio: 3 to 1

Current clients: League of Lordaeron (contact: Kerdic / ambassador: Avellencea)
Brotherhood of the Flame (contact: Madelynne / ambassador: Position Available)
COGS (contact: Audgiget / ambassador: Position Available)
The Sha'nash (contact: Terras or Erundo / ambassador: Position Available)
Kul Tiras Marine Corps (contact: Thorband / ambassador: Position Available)
First Regiment (contact: Maxen / ambassador: Position Available)

NOTE: We have availability for other Alliance groups, but do keep in mind that we need more ambassdors to be a bridge between the company and the client.

Currently In Need of: Tailors
Delivery personnel

Current Officers: Madame Israyel Truesilver-Makarov (Company Founder)
Colonel Tirshton Windrave / Lieutenant Commander Mordren Makarov (Militia Leader)
Madame Avellencea Ashfire (Tradesman Leader)
Master Wesley Fizzlefly (Political Leader / Ambassador)
Doctor Nikolas McCreery (Leader of Domestics)

Positions Available: Leader of Research & Development
Leader of Religious Services
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